Another quite astonishing story to come out of South Africa and the ANC, is a tax on the privilege of being white.
Yes that is right you read that correctly, taxing people on the basis of their ethnicity.
Can you imagine the screams of racism from the left if here in Britain we imposed a tax on other ethnic minority groups.
Desmond Tutu, the retired (Anglican) Archbishop of Cape Town. The Most Rev. Tutu has proposed a new income-redistribution plan that could solve all South Africa’s financial problems: a tax on white people.
Tutu stated “said the damage apartheid caused was impossible to escape” he then went onto say “You all benefited from apartheid.”
What Tutu is forgetting to mention is that since the end of apartheid it is estimated that up too 600,000 Afrikaners are now living in destitute squatter camps where they are denied government benefits, government food-aid and medical care -  and by law, are also denied access the job market, through affirmative action and black empowerment.
Whilst these estimated 600,000 Afrikaners are living in squatter camps many of them are being forced to be demolished in and around Pretoria, the latest being Elsie Brits (30). She lives on the property of the house of her mother in law in Claremont Pretoria. Elsie is the mother of four beautiful children: Anthony (9), Ockert(7), Adriaan (4) and three month old baby Elmarie.
Magda Stroebel, one lone Boer woman who tries to rescue these destitute Afrikaners from the streets of Pretoria and house them in her Angel at Work charity-centre at her own Daspoort smallholding, is caring for 5,000 destitute Afrikaners – 2,000 are children. She is working under a state of siege: facing a campaign of heavy harassment from the ANC-run city council – which is trying to obtain a court order forcing Mrs Stroebel to remove her wendy-house structures, Magda has continually been back and forth to court as the ANC intensifies its effort to destroy these wendy house structures and make another 5000 Afrikaners destitute on the streets of Pretoria.
With Afrikaner fast approaching genocide stage 6, and Tutu calling for a tax being placed on the white people of South Africa, what a wonderful place the Rainbow Nation has become.