Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hate Crimes in Sacremento against Mentally Disabled

SACRAMENTO, CA - A disturbing video posted online has brought scores of calls to the Sacramento Police Department.

The video shows two men hitting a woman at a strip mall at Mack Road and Center Parkway, then laughing about it. The video was posted on YouTube and other websites and has hundreds of thousands of hits.

"Simply put, I am appalled and disgusted by what I saw," Bonnie D said in an email to News10.

Sacramento police said they were called out to the location when the fight happened, but the woman did not want to press charges.

However, with this video, police may be able to find the suspects.

"They hit the woman and laugh like it was funny," Sgt. Andrew Pettit said. "We are interviewing people and trying to find out who these suspects are. We will try to find the woman to see if she will press charges."

Store owners in the area said loitering and fights happen all the time and is hurting business.

"My customers get scared and say, hey, I don't wanna come in here no more because I'm scared," said barber Elton Smith.

Some accuse the lone security guard of being too friendly with those he is supposed to keep away.

"There's only one around here and he's like just like one of them," said a woman who did not want her name used.

But the security guard on duty Tuesday night, who did not want his name used, denied he goes easy on anyone.

"I try to stop the loitering, but there's nothing much that you can really do," the guard said.

The video is bringing more attention to the problem in the area and store owners hope it will help bring more security and police protection.


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