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Displacement of Whites in the United States; the Multicultural and Immigration hoax

Displacement of Whites in the United States; the Multicultural and Immigration hoax
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My topic of thought for the past half year or so is when will the anti-White racism in this country end? Affirmative action is still going strong as a policy and continues to be a sacred cow of the left. The obvious result of Affirmative Action is discrimination against Whites in both the workplace and in our Universities. Just today in an article on USA Today titled "Harvard classmates cheer Julian Castro's rise", states Julian Castro, a Harvard graduate and San Antonio's mayor is being cheered on as "Democratic Party's next great, young hope". Another excerpt from the article states:
"I think Julian is living what we hope our country is capable of," said Bill Frisk, a Maryland state delegate and classmate of Castro's who came here for the speech. "We hope that our country is a true meritocracy – that it's possible that the children of new immigrants can be graduates of Harvard Law school and share the stage with the first lady."
What white's should obviously come to realize is that these minority people want their place in Harvard at the expense of Whites using Affirmative Action, let's make no qualms about it. I am not saying that some minorities can't make it into Harvard by their own merit, but the overwhelming number of minorities making it into Ivy League schools are Affirmative Action candidates.
Furthermore, as every other race and ethnicity in the United States cheers on their growing power and influence, White people have been trained for the past ~4 decades by the politically correct, multicultural worshiping Left to cheer on their dwindling influence and power in the Country their forefathers built. We have also been taught that the United States is not a product of the White man's Western values and culture, no it is a product of Multiculturalism. Somehow allowing 28 million Mexicans into our country, who have no allegiance to the United States or its values, has made us a stronger country. Of course, Japan, South Korea, China, and a host of other nations would laugh in your face if you suggested, "hey China, you know how you can solve some of your economic woes, import 28 million Nigerians who don't speak your language and have no allegiance to your country". Brilliant!
It is so obvious once you take the politically correct speech out of the topic and get down to the facts that one of the greatest causes of strain and turmoil in the United States is where races various "turf" so called "rub at the edges" in many cities. Indeed, there are so many topics that fly right in the face that Multiculturalism and different peoples in the US are our strength that it is mind numbing once you realize the lie being perpetrated by the Left. People naturally associate with those of their own kinds and this is totally natural. It is the Progressive Left who continues to force people to associate with those who do not have the same values or culture.
Of course all of the White guilt that has been put on the White man for the past 4 decades and Immigration policy for the past 4 decades has made it so the US will be the example of the first time in the history of mankind that the dominant ethnic group who built a country is HANDING IT OVER TO IMMIGRANTS AND MINORITIES! White people will be a minority (less than 50% of the population) in the country their forefathers built by 2040 and for some reason are supposed to be ok with that?! This is Socio-suicide and it's flat out thievery!
This begs the question, why is it ok for White countries and only white countries to be flooded with immigrants and have their countries taken over by other people? When is enough, enough? Why is it forbidden by the UN that there be any predominately White countries in the world that remain White? Africa for Africans, Japan for Japanese, India for Indians, China for Chinese, USA and Western Europe for everybody? What is going on here? If whites don't wake up say goodbye to your culture and your identity that has spanned for the last 40,000 years. If you didn't know, Western Europe will be majority Muslim by mid to late 21st Century and the United States is on the same path with various groups of immigrants.
I look forward to hearing others opinions on this topic.

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