Friday, September 14, 2012

And this is why embassies are burning and Our ambassador was sodomized then murdered...????
This movie is so pathetically poor it is almost comical. Yet this is the reason the Arab world wants to kill Our diplomats. The whole of America never knew this crappy film even  existed until they started rioting. Well I submit  to the readers of this blog that those inbred followers of Allah are not waging a war on a movie but on Our Constitutional right to free speech and like it or not that  freedom even covers unpopular speech. For example if  I want to call Mohamed a pedophile, or the holocaust a hoax or Obama an illegal alien , or George Bush a war criminal I can. THIS IS AMERICA AND WE WILL NOT GIVE SPECIAL VICTIM STATUS JUST BECAUSE THEY FOLLOW A RELIGION THAT ENCOURAGES/ CONDONES ACTING LIKE ANIMALS.

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