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Recently, I have been posting my thoughts on Facebook regarding my feelings about illegal  immigration. I have noticed that in number, more people have been in favor of, or at least supportive of my efforts. However those opposed have been much more vocal.

I thought it may be interesting for those of you following this blog, to see a few of each.... and occassionally my responses.

These comments came after an entry about the cost of illegal aliens vs. what they put back into the economy in which

I totally agree!! It's amazing how blind people are and how few people have the nuts to stand up for what they believe in and worry about political correctness. Thank you sir for your balls that clank!!!!

"Well I have two restaurants on my radar who can I call to report illegals working here??"

"Yikes, what's with the haters? WE were the first illegals, stealing the Indians land in the name of freedom. Then it was slavery and the blacks had no rights and were treated inhumanely, then it was Women and they had no rights and were second class citizens, now it's the illegals turn? Step off the hate train...FYI, before you call ICE on me, I don't have any in my employ. We do all our own dirty work around here. But I wonder if the hate hotline is the same number the Germans had?"

MY RESPONSE: "So blue collar citizens should absorb the savings that every one else enjoys? No one is down on Immigration... its the illegal part that is the problem. I dont want to pay for it. But when you have the luxury of not being directly affected by it, terms like "Hate" and "Racist" seem so handy. other see it as "Love" and "Patriotism".


How would I not be directly affected by it? I pay taxes same as everybody, probably more painful being a small business vs. large corporations. Of course it's ok to be proud and love your country, but your talking about not educating childr...en for the choice their parents made or not providing health care for People! People, like you and me, except they didn't have the luxury of being born here. If roles were reversed, and I had to
"sneak" into a country to provide a better life for my family, I would.
P.s., I never said racist! But its the anger people misdirected towards illegals that's odd to me. If you want to talk about people stealing, let's not look at the poor people with the junk cars, 20 people in a small house, that do the jobs legals won't do... let's look
at the politicians living large."
MY RESPONSE "So.... Illegal immigration is ok?"
another  person in support of my position  entered the exchange-
"It's not HATE to want everyone that lives in this country to pay taxes and do their part to obey the laws of this country. Immigration is not bad it's the ILLEGAL part that is bad!!"
"Obviously, by definition, it's illegal. It's also illegal in Texas to take 3 sips of beer while standing up. It was illegal for blacks to sit on the white side. It was illegal for women to vote. Laws are awesome. So perhaps work to provide... positive change to the laws to make it easier to be a legal, law abiding , tax paying citizen. It is hate to say in a previous post they should be dragged and beaten. Maybe you were joking...?"
MY RESPONSE: "I said PEOPLE WHO HIRED THEM SHOULD BE DRUG INTO THE STREET AND KICKED UNCONSCIOUS. as they are lower than pimps. The illegal should be merely be sent back to his country of birth. as i think catapulting them would be harsh."
"My bad, I misread who it was that should be beaten versus catapulted..."
"Oops, I mean deported"
That statistic is a handy diversion from the costs of war and the illegals are the scapegoats. Plus 700 billion goes to unwed LEGAL mothers who do not have fathers that pay child support. Check out to see some more fun stats.... Not saying the above cost are bad, just saying that educating illegals is hardly our greatest cost. In the end, it's "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." There is no, Unless they were not born here etc. caveat.:)
"No doubt that the costs of uneccesary war is HUGE, but the jobs that should be held by citizens that are not, IS some thing that we can change one job at a time. Lets enforce the law or just change the law. Blue collar Joe has a war waged on him and he if advocates on his own behalf he is labled a racist."
"Laws laws laws, do we really need more govt intervention? They are the ones mis-spending in the first place. (MY HUSBAND) was out of work most of last year from his iron job, so he started a landscaping business. He had no trouble getting hired as... he was willing and able. But there are too many legals who lost their jobs that are just unwilling to do that kind of work when they can sit on their butts and get unemployment. If there was no unemployment, then legals would be working those less desirable jobs, and illegals wouldn't be hired. "
"We don't hire anybody to clean our house or do our yard work. Mostly because the only people who do this work in our city are illegals. And, like you, no way no how am I contributing to the enabling of illegals to live and prosper here in our country. So I mow my own yard, and we clean our own house."
"I do all that myself and I'm a women!! I support the "Do IT YOURSELF" and not pay anyone to do it, especially illegals. I am not mad at how they wish to better their lives, I am mad at OUR GOVERNMENT for letting this happen and how they get special treatment over me...A TAX PAYER!"
"Now...if only we had some type of government agency whose job it was to enforce our Federal immigration laws, rather than turn a blind eye to this issue...maybe they could call it something like the "US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency"...
I half rhetorically  posed the question-
is illegal immigration still illegal? good thing we aren't as apathetic towards hate crimes...
"Some critics say Secure Communities distracts diverts police time and resources from investigating hate crimes."
"The only reason we have "illegal" immigration is because our immigration laws do not offer enough opportunity for legal immigration. Obviously, the jobs are here for them, or they would not come, or they'd leave. It is a simple matter of logic and morality that we should not p[ersecute teh immigrants, but should instead change the laws."
"I am sure other countries dont need their strongest and most motivated. Its probably best that we pseudo enslave them to do our yards at a lower wage than they are worth."
"Are you suggesting we should maintain our status quo immigration laws for the benefit of Mexico and Guatemala?"
"Human trafficking is human trafficking. I don’t care what service they provide upon arrival or how the beneficiaries try to rationalize profiting from their misery."
"Now you're talking about human trafficking? Different issue, different crime. Of course we should prosecute human trafficking to the fullest, but punish the traffickers, not the victims. However, trying to use irrational immigration laws to go after traffickers is similar to using hitchhiking prohibitions to go after prostitution."
"I don't think I can change your mind any more than I could have an 1850's Mississippi plantation owner."
"Apparently, I have the same problem"
These are a few of the excerpts from FACEBOOK.

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